Granite Countertops Fabrication and Installation

The difference between a good job and a great one is in the details. At CAS Marble & Granite, we take pride in doing things the perfect way. 

If you are planning to remodel your home countertops or revamp your business structures with beautiful granite countertops, get in touch with us today. 

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From concept to completion, enhancing your existing kitchen countertops with granite countertops is a personalized process. The information below will guide you through that process and provide you with insightful features of granite to influence your choices.

Cutting the Stone

Natural granite is cut directly from the ground, so it explains why granite varies in color, texture and consistency. The blocks are then cut into thin slices, then polished and loaded into specially designed trucks. Once transferred to our warehouse, the newly polished slab is worked by both by hand and machine.

Measurement of your countertop

Once you are ready to purchase our granite countertops and have selected your most preferred design, our staff will visit your home to take the precise measurements of your countertops. After your kitchen measurement is finalized, we use the dimensions to cut the granite of your countertops. 


The granites are forwarded to our machines for fabrication. This includes making the custom edges, polishing them, making the cutouts, and drilling the holes for the faucets. After fabrication, the countertops are inspected by our skilled hand fabricators for further improvements such as fixing any chips in the edge profiles, taking care of any sharp edges and polishing. 


Once satisfied with the final outcome, the pieces are cleaned thoroughly, ready to be installed and enjoyed!

What’s more?

Granite countertops are functional, beautiful and the most durable of all natural stones. They are ideal for kitchen tops, bar tops, dining tables, and many other uses. Granite surfaces have low porosity and are easy to maintain. They won’t chip or crack under normal use. They have low porosity and are resistant to tea, coffer, alcohol or wine stains.

Remove the guess work from CAS marble and granite. We pride ourselves in producing and engineering stones to your needs, at very affordable rates. Our team of passionate designers will help finalize your project to your precise requirements and on time

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