Granite, Quartz and Marble Remnants prices, colors and sizes?

Remnants, why they are so important? For many people purchase a whole stone slab could cost more than what they  expect, that’s when remnants could be very helpful developing small projects like window sill, small vanity top, bar tops, threshold, shower curb, shower seats, coffee tables, shampoo niches, corner shelf, cutting boards and much more.

We have tons of beautiful remnants colors in different materials, like Quartzite, Quartz, Granite, Marble, Recycled Glass, Porcelain and more. In this page you can see just a piece of what we have, so make an appointment to check all the options.
Most remnants we have in stock are normally 3 cm thick, which means 1 1/4″, this is the most popular one in America. And also we have 2 cm which means 3/4″ which is very popular on miter edges and laminate build up. Call or message us to check on availability, sizes, prices and colors of remnants.

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