Few Steps of a Granite Countertop Creation.

Few Steps of a Granite Countertop Creation.


Everything begins in the Slab Yard, this is where we bring in all the slabs for the jobs. First they come off the truck and they get staged here in the Slab Yard, before they hit into production.

Here we can do anything, layout, designs on these slabs but basically this is a staging area before they go into production. In the Slab Yard we have remnants, that we keep around so that we can make smaller pieces. If someone only needs a small countertop we can grab one of the remnants. This is where it all begins, the slabs come off the truck and start here, before they go in the shop. Sometimes you can find some really nice pieces that way you don’t have to buy a whole slab if you only need a little piece. And then we make templates which is the traditional way to cut our countertops so we actually go to the client home and make a template, so whatever we need the shape of the countertop to be and we use balsa wood and make little pieces, and then they come to the fabrication.

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